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Contact Us

Main offices:

26 Montreal Road
Cornwall, ON K6H 1B1
Telephone : 613-932-4610 / 1-855-647-8483
Fax: 613-932-5765
Email: info@inspire-sdg.ca

775 Campbell Street
Cornwall, ON K6H 7B7
Telephone : 613-937-3072 / 1-800-267-1724
Fax: 613-937-4550
*Please use this location as our official mailing address
Email: info@inspire-sdg.ca

Satellite offices:

By appointment only. Please contact one of our main offices for more information about services at one of our satellite offices.

530 Fred Street, Unit G3
Winchester, ON K0C 2K0

260 Industrial Boulevard
Alexandria, ON K0C 1A0

Office hours:

*Closed between 12:00pm and 1:00pm

Clinical services open until 8:00pm on Thursdays at 26 Montreal Road (lower level)

Feedback and Complaints

The Agency is committed to providing quality services in English and French.

The Agency recognizes the right of a child, youth or adult in the Agency’s care to be heard. To this end, the Agency will provide opportunities for individuals in care and/or their significant others to provide feedback or to express concerns or complaints.

A client or someone from the general public may have feedback about or may not be satisfied with:

  • quality or language, of a service provided or not provided,
  • the behaviour or decisions of an employee,
  • the practices, policies or procedures of the agency,
  • accessibility standards for customer service, or
  • privacy/confidentiality

Inspire welcomes feedback from its service users regarding the services it provides. All feedback in the form of a complaint will be responded to in accordance with the procedures outlined in the policy. Please click on link below for the full policy and Feedback and Complaint Form.

Agency Complaint Policy

Feedback and Complaint Form