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Privacy and Confidentiality

INSPIRE Community Support Services understands the importance of protecting the personal information of the individuals they support and are committed to ensuring their right to privacy and confidentiality in compliance with all applicable government laws and regulations. Employees and volunteers are required to follow established policies and procedures to maintain confidentiality and privacy, and safeguard against theft, loss and unauthorized use of private information. Individuals affected by a privacy breach will be informed of the incident and the actions taken to correct or mitigate the breach. The Agency believes in respect for all individuals, professional accountability, quality assurance and service excellence.

INSPIRE will maintain confidentiality and privacy of information by:

  • Working to prevent privacy breaches and following established policies and procedures
  • Reporting suspected breaches
  • Ensuring only the most relevant personal information is collected and stored
  • Creating and maintaining accurate and professional records
  • Sharing personal information external to the agency with written consent, or when required by law
  • Providing mandatory training to all staff

Issues or concerns related to confidentiality and privacy can be submitted to INSPIRE by following the steps outlined in our Feedback and Complaints Policy which can be accessed in the Contact Us section of the website.