Case Management

Case Management services include coordination, community links, support and advocacy.  We strive to provide collaborative, inclusive and individualized services to adults.

A Case Manager will assist you with the following:

  • Development of an Individualized Support Plan to reflect an individual’s strengths, goals and areas of need;
  • Access to specialized funding, coordination of community resources and meetings with service providers and information about additional resources, supports and other professional or alternative services;
  • Advocacy in working with health, education, social, legal, housing and community services;
  • Life transition planning (i.e. moving, school, etc.);
  • Support with problem-solving, life skills counselling, general education and awareness building.
  • Personalized or intensive supports and residential services planning for youth based on their individualized or complex special needs as they transition into adult developmental services.

Your relationship with your Case Manager is voluntary, based on your active participation in your plan.  Services are person-centered and person-directed with active participation in all decisions.

Urgent Response

Urgent Response Services provides interventions and supports in urgent situations to prevent the further escalation of risk, to mitigate any untenable risks, and to address unmet urgent needs.  This intervention consists of offering a temporary, short-term response or bridging support until a longer-term support plan and/or solution for the individual can be developed.

Passport – Fund Management

Passport is a program that helps adults with a developmental disability be involved in their communities and live as independently as possible by providing funding for community participation supports, activities of daily living and person-directed planning.  The program also provides funding for caregiver respite services and support for primary caregivers of an adult with a developmental disability.

Our agency offers management of Passport funds for adults with developmental disabilities.  

For Passport information and the application form, please visit: 

For additional Passport information, please visit:

We also provide the following specialized case management services:

Transitional Aged Youth Services (TAY)

Assessment and planning for youth exiting the child welfare system and preparing to enter the adult developmental services system.

  • We partner with our local Children’s Aid Society to assist youth to transition into adult developmental services.

*Walk-In Clinic

The Walk-In Clinic is offered every Tuesday from 1:00-4:00 p.m. on a first-come, first-served basis.  Case Managers will answer questions and provide immediate support to adults with a developmental disability.


You must be referred by Developmental Services Ontario Eastern Region (DSOER).

Referral Process:

After you have been referred by DSOER, a member of the Adult Services Case Management Team will contact you to discuss your request.

* Please Note: A DSOER referral is not required for the Walk-In Clinic as self-referrals are accepted.

Cost:  Free

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